Seasonal Beauty Clears the Mind and Benefits the Body

If you live around the Washington, DC area, you may have seen the cherry trees in full bloom around the Tidal Basin. If not, have a peek of these wonderful shots taken at the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

Cherry Blosm_4495310685_cb11c3bc83_mJ.Memorial Blosm_4495277343_b1f87ae2e6_mBack to our topic on spring cleaning. This is a great time to de-clutter not only our spaces but also our minds. The winter doldrums have passed, and spring speaks of new beginnings. Human emotions and/or thoughts, negative and positive, influence our bodies and can be reflected in physiological and immune interactions. It has become abundantly clear that positive emotions and psychological well-being have beneficial effects on physical health. Conversely, negative emotions or attitudes, as well as stress, appear to weaken one’s natural resistance to carcinogenic attacks. So if anything needs clearing, it’s our mind.

There are many ways to clear your mind, such as meditation, yoga, deep breathing, listening to relaxing music, going outdoors, writing journals, or simply doing less. Let’s just talk about the joy of seasonal beauty like cherry blossom viewing in America’s capital. I’m sure that folks outside DC can also enjoy their own variety of nature’s splendor during spring time.

Monument Blosm 2010_4495311641_78832c8c30_mGorgeous sunshine and spring wind are accompanied by a magnificent show of pink and white flowers at the peak of blooming. Taking a walk along the Tidal Basin, indulging in nature’s beauty and spectacular views — water, trees, and flowers, plus such national treasures as Washington Monument and Thomas Jefferson Memorial — brings with it a positive and relaxed mood, one easily shared with family and loved ones. A good long walk takes energy, yet amazingly such peaceful scenes can create energy as well.

Do you know there are 12 kinds of cherry trees that grow around the Tidal Basin? Well, I can also list more than 12 positive emotions and actions I associate with cherry blossoms: appreciation of nature, time with family and friends, relaxation, happiness, joy, love, energy, positive feelings from walking, positive moods and thoughts, smiling and laughter, de-cluttering of the mind, taking a break from stress, favorite activities, engaging in the present, and letting go of negatives. All of these effects promote physical and psychological well-being.

Do you have similar experiences? Without a doubt, they too benefit your immune system and aid in cancer prevention.

What’s your experience of cherry blossom viewing? What are your favorite ways to clear your mind? If you like this post, please bookmark it or share it. Thanks.

Photo credits: by daveynin

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