Maximize Summer Fun and Minimize Cancer Risks

Summer danger_3202500746_71aef09d3b_mSummer is a wonderful season for just about everybody. We love to have fun! Whether you are on the beach to soak up some sun, taking a vacation trip with your family, enjoying playing with the kids outdoors, or barbecuing in your back yard, hidden hazards could take your joy away.

Raise your awareness of potential summer dangers

First, the acronym SAFETY can help you become aware of the following potential dangers:

Sunburn and sun over-exposure with its related risks
Allergies and infections (caused by insects, poison ivy, chiggers, etc.)
Food poisoning
Extreme heat, heat stroke, sitting in a hot car
Travel and roadway hazards
Youth-related risks (Children out of school are prone to outdoor accidents.)

6 Unforgettable tips that add to your summer fun!

Now, let’s revise the acronym SAFETY for 6 tips to prevent the above hazards.

Sunscreen SPF >15 to prevent sunburns, sun-retreat strategies to limit sun exposure
Avoid insect bites by using necessary bug sprays, without over-using insect repellents
Food safety procedures, from storing, cooking and clean water to hand-washing
Enough water to prevent dehydration, and little or no alcohol
Take responsibility for car maintenance, trip preparations, and road hazards.
Youngster’s supervision, babysitter instructions, and emergency readiness.

Being aware of these six kinds of hazards and being able to respond appropriately can help make summer a safe and enjoyable season.

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