4 E’s Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to losing weight, there is really no so-called “secret”. It all comes down to 4 E’s: Eat, Exercise, Energy balance, and Enthusiasm. Here is why:

Eat a healthy diet
A healthy diet is not just a part of your weight management. It may protect you against various health problems ranging from arthritis, to heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Exercise regularly
Exercise and diet are two key components to good health, they go hand-in-hand. You don’t need to eat like a rabbit or live in a gym, but you do need to find ways to move. Physical inactivity has been linked to some types of cancer.

Energy balance
This is how you measure your result. To put it in a simple formula:
Calories in = Calories out. But make sure to take in smart calories.

You need to get excited about it, and enjoy your journey to ultimate health. “Lose the fat, not the fun”. I love this tagline!

I understand that there are so many challenges to your healthy eating, exercise and weight control, let’s turn challenges into fun and solutions. Links_4010924751_fbb7756f7f_m

I’m having “Link Fever”, which will connect you to some great sites. So, whether you want to drop pounds, lose fat, or just maintain healthy weight, my labor may help you find additional information, resources and supports on your journey for weight management. Here goes:

1. Does your busy lifestyle hold you back?
Well, there is every day food for busy people — and you can eat at home. Alternatively, you can have fresh prepared, healthy, delicious “eDiets” meals delivered to your door.

2. Are high fat, high calorie and convenient foods too available for you?
They don’t help, and it’s frustrating. You may learn something from a person’s real life story and journey for weight loss. Hopefully lose that tyre/tire. In addition, rediscover the pleasure of natural, authentic food, fresh, seasonal fruits/vegetables such as summer tomatos, and incorporate them into your diet.

3. Are super-sized portions hard to resist?
Manage your portions. Have FREE Diet Analysis on what you really need.

4. Do you have too little time for physical activity?
Get inspiration from FatLossMama’s Quick Mom Workouts. If you are serious about “the burn”, and develop self-discipline, get help from Amelia, a health and fitness coach.

5. Are you confused about information when it comes to what really works for weight loss?
I hear you. Choosing a weight loss program could be a difficult task. However, the best weight loss program is what fits your case the best. In order to get the right information you need and help you make a well-educated decision, the best link I can provide is the link between you and your doctor.

6. Do you need more motivation? Are you ready to “work”?
It’s all about perspective. The important thing to remember is — Lose the fat, not the fun! For your TGIF, visit tasteful and healthy living; it makes me want to taste the Adam and Eve Martini !

To have fitness, food and fun altogether, join a veteran TV health reporter, who has a place available where there are not only news, tips, and interviews with top health professionals, but also contests, quizzes, and fun factors — stuff that can make diet and exercise more enjoyable.

Bonus: Here is an inspirational resource of creative home cooking, with hundreds of healthy recipes, esp. if you have a special diet need.

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Photo credit: by Marc_Smith