Top 3 Reasons To Think About “A Healthy Breakfast” Instead Of “A Breakfast”

Do you eat breakfast every day? What do you usually eat?

Fruit4Breakfast_3181820721_5185f6303fToday, I’d like to focus on the second question — what to eat for breakfast. Most people have breakfast, and there are many reasons why kick starting your day with a meal is crucial. However, a lot of folks overlook the difference between simply “eating breakfast” and “eating a healthy breakfast”. The latter is more important.

Whether you realize it or not, a healthy breakfast is your cancer-fighting investment. Eating breakfast itself doesn’t guarantee protection from cancer or heart disease. Yet eating a daily, healthy breakfast does provide you long-term health benefits, and aids you in building the body’s defense to prevent cancer. Here are the top three reasons why a healthy breakfast is a smart choice:

1. A significant link between eating a healthy breakfast and minimizing cancer risks is maintaining a healthy weight. Research shows that skipping breakfast can cause you to gain weight. Obesity contributes to common types of cancer. People who successfully maintain their body weight usually eat a healthy breakfast every day.

2. Some breakfast products may contain vitamins/nutrients in amounts going beyond the recommended daily allowance (RDA), or food by-products that virtually increase your risk for developing cancer and other health problems. For instance, bacon contains certain levels of known and possible carcinogens, cereals often contain too much folic acid, and there are drinks that contain far too much vitamin C. Remember the golden rule – “Excess of anything is bad.” Just as a drug at a higher dosage can have potentially adverse consequences, so can too much of any vitamin.

3. A sugar-rich breakfast is the worst way to start your day. With our modern lifestyle, it’s so easy to let too much sugar sneak into our breakfast…. Again, sugar doesn’t cause cancer directly. However, too much sugar intake (esp. refined sugar), hence high blood sugar level becomes problematic, which not only initiates diabetes and heart disease but also has been linked to increased risks for breast, colon and pancreatic cancer.

So, what do you eat for a healthy breakfast? You can follow these five keys, enjoying the foods that fit your own health needs and taste.

1. Breakfast should be primarily liquid or contain liquids, while solid food plays a secondary role. There should be 3-4 different types of food with a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fibers and healthy fats. Milk intake can provide a high nutritional value.
2. It is important to drink water in the morning, which helps replenish liquid lost during the night, eliminate waste, and promote blood circulation.
3. Middle-age people should control the amount of sugar and carbohydrate intake.
4. Old people may eat more easily digested yet nutrient-rich food such as soups or noodles.
5. Take caution by reading labels! Familiarize or inform yourself with the upper limits of essential vitamins/nutrients.

After all, what do you usually include for a healthy breakfast?

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