Say Goodbye to Summer and Cheers to Our Summer Health Education Series

By Hui Xie-Zukauskas

Summer is quickly coming to an end. This year Cancer Prevention Daily had a better way to celebrate the season with our accomplished project, which is our Summer Health Series on educating 10 risk factors that cancer and cardiovascular disease have in common.

For those who followed our blog series, you might have taken actions and seen immediate results (even if it’s small), or have learned something that will give you long-lasting rewards. For those who missed any of the valuable information, I highlight here what we discussed over this summer.

Here are 10 common causative factors for cardiovascular disease and cancer:

1.   Tobacco use/smoking
2.   Obesity
3.   High fat diet (esp. animal fats)
4.   High sugar diet
5.   Excessive sodium intake
6.   Physical inactivity
7.   Chronic inflammation
8.   Aging
9.   Hormonal imbalance
10. Stress

The following are the blogs that address each factor along with preventative strategies:

9 Invaluable Lessons from Tobacco Smoking

Seven Simple Steps to Weight Loss

4 Proven Strategies for Having Tasty Foods without Bad Fats

“Sweet” in Perspective

A Message in Salt: Packed with 20 Tips …

Physically Active, Physically Inactive, or “Active Sitting Potato”: Where Do You Fit in?

Chronic Inflammation: A Common Root for Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases

Proven Strategies for Prevention of Age-Associated Chronic Illnesses

3 Aspects of Hormonal Imbalance You Need to Know

Learn How to De-Stress Effectively and Quickly

Overall, we need more awareness and prevention in these areas. Remember: Small actions add up, and small benefits add up too.

If you have benefited from the summer health series, please share. Thanks!