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200px-Recycle001.svgCertain plastic containers and bottles have been linked to cancer risk. Several scientific studies have demonstrated that a biologically active chemical BPA (Bisphenol A) is released from polycarbonate bottles into the bottle content after simulated normal use. BPA can be released when the plastic item is washed, heated, and/or re-used. This impacts adults as well as children.

To protect yourself from serious health problems and cancer risks associated with exposure to BPA in plastic containers/bottles, we previously provided some information and tips in our website and blog. We offer more related topics for your interest:

Fist, get to know your plastics. The number inside the universal recycling symbol (with three chasing arrows) simply represents the type of plastic being used. For those curious, if you want to explore the chemical structures of these items, go here.

Second, be wise with plastics. Sort out what to use and what to avoid. Noticeably, research suggests that cancer is linked to plastic packaging. With spring cleaning upon us, put some effort into de-cluttering these potential health hazards.

Finally, protect the safety of others and the earth. There are different kinds of recycling symbols, and Recycling Symbols Made Easy has clearly illustrated them.

Caution: Not all plastics are recyclable. Please call your local municipal authority to find out what kind of items gets recycled. Cancer-causing particles can also be found in the air we breathe. Remember we are responsible for our environment.

What’s your thought on plastics?

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