My Memory of Herb

I was so saddened to hear about the passing of Herb McCullough after he lost the battle to cancer.

Cancer took another precious life. And it just happened too quickly for me. Although I experienced how hard it was when my dad passed away from lung cancer, I cannot imagine what this is like for his family.

When I first met Herb at a business meeting about two years ago, I captured his gentlemanly side, plus his not so obvious “joker” side. When I think of Herb, I see a nice man, down to earth, friendly, kind, and helpful. He loved his daughter. He got excited when he came up with a business idea, no matter what it was.

When I think of Herb, I see a good businessman. One thing about him was his punctuality. He was always on time for an appointment or service. Another striking thing about him was his mastery of plumbing. He could spot a problem precisely and solved it efficiently—even his wall cutting was so neat. I was quite impressed with how he fixed our bathroom plumbing system. “This is Herb. He is a master plumber.” That was how I always introduced him to people. Actually, he was quite fun to be around, too.

When I think of Herb, I see his strong faith in God. After he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I witnessed his emotional transition from understandable anger to inner peace. I also saw his physical improvement, from a seriously ill condition to getting back to normal and stabilized for several months. In fact, his situation had gotten better to the point where he was able to keep up a part-time business. I talked with him about what inspired and sustained him since he did not take medicine or go through any therapy. He attributed all his recovery to his faith in God, in addition to his daily diet that included nutrient-rich juice. I was concerned about his financial needs in light of his illness and the effects that the economic downturn was having on his part-time business. Yet he expressed amazing gratitude that God had been providing him enough to survive, although it would not be enough for many people.

My heart is heavy. I lost a business associate, and a friend. In Herb, I saw an ordinary person, just one of us, living in peace, kindness, and gratitude, doing his best to survive while serving others.

My deepest condolences to his family.

Life goes on. Let’s win as many battles as we can.

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      Jocelyn, thank you very much for your kindness, your taking time to read and comment. I truly appreciate and hope fighting cancer as well as caring those with cancer connect us together.

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