Do Flamingos Celebrate “Valentine’s Day”?

2222367956_66fc2934dd_bPerfectly captured by Kjunstorm, the heart is perfectly created by two beautiful flamingos dancing along the way. Whether the flamingos celebrate “Valentine’s Day” or not, the superb shot reveals that love is elegantly expressed and cherished in the animal kingdom.

While February makes many folks automatically think of “Valentine’s Day” or “Lovers’ Day,” or for some of you guys out there, “Football”, I’d like to share my thoughts about February here.

Love and be loved. Flowers, pinkies, candy, gifts, gourmet dinners, and romance are all wonderful things around for your loved one, or for yourself if you are single, on Valentine’s Day. This is a time of showing special love, and more important, showing appreciation. Love and appreciation are the best gifts with a long lasting effect.

Love is more than just romance. Every day I think of my father, who passed away last summer. His legacy is about kindness and love. He had so much love, not only for my family, but also for others, for what he was doing and for life. The Chinese New Year is approaching, yet this year is going to be tough for my family. I’m passionate about my new endeavor to prevent cancer, and also have cancer friends to care for. And yes I, too, plan on enjoying the festivities of Super Bowl Sunday, accompanied with Super Snow — the winter blizzard 2010 in DC area!

Love your heart and enjoy chocolate! Circle “Your Heart” day on your calendar. Never ignore your own heart health. Fortunately, chocolate is not only for lovers but good for heart too, as scientific studies show that chocolate (dark chocolate >70% cacao) is rich in flavonoids antioxidants. But don’t eat too much!

May your February and your 2010 be filled with LOVE!

What’s your thought? What’s your favorite memory or experience of the month?

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