Breast Cancer Prevention Is for Everyone

In October, we increase nationwide awareness for breast cancer. Remember: both men and women can get breast cancer. The most important factor is catching it early, because at an early stage, the cancer is most treatable, and can be closely monitored if you’re at increased risk.

How to catch it early:

1.   Recognize symptoms/signs.

2.   Consult your physicians especially if you have a family history of breast cancer.

3.   Get mammograms, and if necessary, MRI.

What are common symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore?

1.   A lump in the breast, sometimes an area of lumpiness, which can be found through regular self-examination.

2.   The lump is not always painful or visible, but can be felt.

3.   Any change in the skin around the nipple.

4.   Unexpected inversion of the nipple.

5.   Breast pain or discomfort.

6.   Weight loss.

7.   Signs that indicate the cancer could be spreading, such as a lump in the underarm area or bone pain, or other symptoms depending on the organ/tissue affected.

Cancer is such a scary, horrible and challenging disease. Although early detection is the key, “prevention is better than cure.” Always. There are things you can control.

How to prevent breast cancer:

1.   Keep informed and educated, do so beyond health promotion events or cancer awareness campaigns.

2.   Avoid your exposure to radiation, toxic chemicals and carcinogens (cancer-causing agents). Particularly, start limiting the use of chemical cleaner wherever you can.

3.   Quit alcohol consumption and smoking. When combined with genetic or inherit factors, drinks and cigarettes enhance several cancers’ risks.

4.   Live a healthy lifestyle, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, exercise, and sleep well.

5.   Maintain a healthy weight, because the link between body fat and cancer risk has been proven.

In short, these are essential things everybody can do in Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a year around.