25 Unbeatable Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

Your immune system is your body’s natural defense against diseases. Its functions range from fighting off harmful bacteria and viruses to destroying potentially cancerous cells. However, our immune systems are under attack in our daily lives from a variety of sources such as free radicals in the body, bacteria, UV radiation, environmental pollutants, and stress. It’s critical not only to ensure your immune system is always healthy but to maximize its natural defense function. Luckily, there are actions we can take to achieve this goal. This post shows you how.

1.  Eat a healthy diet. Mindfully include immune-boosting foods to everyday meals.
2.  Exercise and be physically active, from all-body workouts, running, walking, and dancing to gardening. The key is to keep moving.
3.  Cultivate a new hobby that’s physically demanding, makes your heart beat faster, and your blood circulate better. As a result, you’ll become more fit.
4.  Practice quietness. A quiet mind may promote inner peace and relaxation.
5.  Take a hot bath or shower. Soaking in a warm bath is another way of relaxation.
6.  Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can impair immune system function.
7.  Reduce stress. Everybody gets stress from different areas of life. There can be a long list of stress management tips, but not all work for everyone. Have fun discovering and developing whatever works for you.
8.  Be kind. According to a good friend of mine who is an experienced oncologist, my dad’s prolonged life was certainly attributed to his extraordinary kindness, which made this doctor want to learn more about my dad’s kindness.
9.  Appreciate the “little things” in life and always maintain a positive and grateful attitude. Research found that individuals who have a negative frame of mind have difficulty properly recruiting their immune response and thereby pose a higher risk for illness compared with those with a positive attitude.
10.  Get outdoors. Whether you walk, ski, bike or hike, the combination of enjoying the beauty of nature and a dose of exercise boosts the immune system.
11.  Maintain a clutter-free home and workplace, because clutter is a stress-trigger. Clear those mental clutters, too.
12.  Laugh and smile often. Laughter boosts your immune system at no cost. The more folks laugh, the less depression they experience. If you have any difficulty laughing, seek “Laughter Yoga”, by checking out a local group that practices it.
13.  Have a sense of humor. Yes, some people have more of a funny bone than others. Yet, many people just don’t foster their funny side, a dimension that almost everyone possesses in some ways.
14.  Practice deep breathing and stay calm. Count 1,2, 3… before any anger takes over.
15.  Nurture your emotional well-being and be happy. If you don’t promote emotional health, your physical body will pay the price. Emotions are intimately involved in the initiation and progression of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and HIV.
16.  Take time off, and take breaks during the day.
17.  Eat a healthy breakfast, not just any breakfast. Skipping breakfast is even worse.
18.  Take whatever it takes to maintain a healthy weight. Remember, it could be a fun marathon, rather than an overnight remedy.
19.  Stop eating sugar. Sugar suppresses the immune system; even a teaspoon of sugar can reduce the activity of your body’s natural killer cells for hours. There are many wonderful foods that help boost your immune function, explore them and replace sugar.
20.  Eat more soups, especially chicken soup.
21.  Drink a lot of water. If possible, filter your drinking/cooking water.
22.  Drink more tea, especially green tea.
23.  Get plenty of fresh air; in particular, keep your indoor air clean and fresh.
24.  Deal with any health concern even a pain or an unusual spot as soon as possible. Fix any small problem for the optimal function of the big machine – your body.
25.  Develop good relationships around you. A strong family bond, a happy marriage, and good friendships can help you during good and tough times.

Bonus: Take multivitamin and mineral supplements to ensure an adequate supply of the essential nutrients that are needed by your body yet lacking from your diet. However, make sure you take a quality-controlled supplement rather than “just another supplement” or “cheap supplement” (see the tips on our website).

Our immune system is effective most of the time. Following the above tips will remarkably boost your immune system and promote your happiness.

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