10 Joyful Moves to Boost Your Physical Activity during This Holiday Season

By Hui Xie-Zukauskas

Skating people_3203723978_6ae227e970_nIt’s the holiday season. We all tend to eat a lot and watch TV a lot, especially for football fans or other sports fans. To avoid physical inactivity, and consequently weight gain, here are 10 practical moves that benefit a healthy lifestyle and cancer prevention:

  1. Take a family walk, whether it is long or just around the blocks, or add extra walking by parking a little further from the stores or malls.
  2. Stretch frequently or move during TV time, or walk up and down the stairs as often as you can.
  3. Play a game with kids. It’s absolutely fun and invigorating!
  4. Dance at parties.
  5. Practice yoga together as a family activity. It’s fun and everyone can do it. Your body can tell you what’s the best or the most natural position. Inhale to breathe in joy, happiness and peace, then exhale to breathe out stress, hassles and worries.
  6. Go to a gym or local recreation center to engage in any physical activity.
  7. Go ice skating outdoors or indoors.
  8. Bike, if possible.
  9. Visit a museum, walk more.
  10. Keep up your daily exercise routine. Yes, it’s a challenge during the holidays, and my husband sets the best example!

Still feel less interested or less motivated? One secret – connect your activity with something greater than yourself. It could be for getting healthier to see the grandkids’ graduation, or being happier around the family, or more energetic to help others, etc. you get the idea.
Photo credit: By Let Ideas Compete